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Princess Basma briefs US Senate aides on JOHUD activities
22 March, 2006

AMMAN (JT) — HRH Princess Basma on Tuesday said Jordan is home to institutions that are capable of benefiting from aid in a way that reflects positively on local communities and the living standards of end-beneficiaries.


During a meeting with US Senate aides at the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) yesterday, the Princess briefed the delegation on the various projects implemented by the fund and its role in creating opportunities for the poor and marginalised groups to engage in the process of development.


She pointed out that JOHUD′s focus on fieldwork and its ability to suggest feasible solutions to problems faced at the grassroots′ level have earned it a status as a partner in policy-making at the national level.


JOHUD, for example, provides a platform for women groups to meet decision-makers and gain their support for creating change, through MAKANA Programme.


Under the programme, 100 women have become leading social activists in their local communities.


Members of JOHUD ′s board of trustees Taiseer Smadi and Marwan Jumaa, and the fund′s CEO Iman Nimri attended yesterday′s meeting.


Discussions with the congressional aides also revolved around the important role of ICT in the Kingdom′s educational reform, and the role of JOHUD in working with youth to help bridge the digital divide.


In a separate meeting, the delegation was also briefed on the work of the Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW), the leading policy-making forum in the country on women′s issues and rights, both at the governmental and nongovernmental level.


The delegates were also acquainted with the missions and achievements of General Federation for Jordanian Women, the Jordanian Women′s Union and the Jordanian National Forum for Women.


Meanwhile, Lower House Speaker Abdul Hadi Majali met with the delegation on Monday and discussed developments in the region and their economic and social impact on the Kingdom.


Majali also briefed the Senate aides on the challenges faced by the country′s economy, the implementation of comprehensive political and socio-economic reforms and the democratic process.


He also underlined the importance of increased US aid for the Kingdom to enable it to go ahead with the implementation of development projects.


In addition, Majali reviewed Jordan′s position towards regional peace, which calls for Israeli withdrawal from Palestinians lands and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on Palestinian soil with Jerusalem as its capital.


On Iraq, Majali underlined the need to preserve the unity of the country and its people and block attempts seeking to sow seeds of sedition amongst the sects.