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Promoting Youth Participation, Childhood Development

Throughout her working years Her Royal Highness has played a significant role in supporting and guiding efforts that have served to benefit young people, education and the well-being of children.

She has consistently called on the younger generation to take the lead in overcoming the obstacles they face while seeking to realise their aspirations and dreams.

Since the 1970s, Princess Basma′s vision for integrated maternal health and early childhood development programmes led to the creation of some of the first pre-schools in the Kingdom. This initiative has since grown to cater to over 2,300 pre-school children a year through 96 kindergarten centres across the country.

Under the Princess′ Chairmanship, JOHUD′s community development centres singlehandedly offered pre-schooling to the most remote communities in Jordan, in addition to rehabilitation programmes for children with special needs and their families.

JOHUD′s pioneering learning through play approach was replicated throughout the country and the organization became a recognized provider of training for pre-school professionals.

Expanded youth opportunities are vital to a country where nearly 60 per cent of its population is under 25 years of age.

To encourage and assist this segment into playing an empowered role in all aspects of national development, the Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre (PBYRC) was created. The PBYRC responds to specific youth demands and is dedicated to youth-led initiatives.

As a leading national organisation dedicated to working with youth, PBYRC is also active at the policy level, helping define national youth priorities and pursuing them in partnership with the Higher Council for Youth, the Ministry of Education, UNICEF and others.

Other youth and children-oriented initiatives lead by Her Royal Highness Princess Basma include: Save the Children-Jordan, the Mabarrat Um Al-Hussein and the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts movement.


Ours is a youthful country, almost 70% of our society is under the age of thirty. In Jordan, and indeed everywhere, young people can contribute much with their dynamism and energy. Their well-being, and that of society, depends on the existence of an enabling environment that supports the rights of all people to participate fully and actively.