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Princess Basma Attends the Graduation of the 54th Batch of Female Police Cadets<br/><br/><font size=1>02 March, 2015</font>Princess Basma visits Souf and Kitteh<br/><br/><font size=1>11 December, 2013</font>Closing Ceremony of The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence<br/><br/><font size=1>10 December, 2013</font>The Second Arab-Chinese Women and Economy Summit<br/><br/><font size=1>08 October, 2013</font>Diplomatic Bazzar 2013<br/><br/><font size=1>28 September, 2013</font>Princess Basma Provides Support to Mafraq Districts Through Goodwill Campaign<br/><br/><font size=1>08 September, 2013</font>National Demographic Opportunity Forum<br/><br/><font size=1>04 September, 2013</font>Princess Basma Leads Goodwill Campaign Efforts  in Duleil District<br/><br/><font size=1>21 July, 2013</font>Princess Basma visits  Ghor Mazraa<br/><br/><font size=1>16 February, 2013</font>Princess Basma visits Jerash and Ajloin<br/><br/><font size=1>19 December, 2012</font>Humanitarian Efforts in Aqaba<br/><br/><font size=1>15 December, 2012</font>Annual Diplomatic Bazaar 2012<br/><br/><font size=1>13 October, 2012</font>Princess Basma, Goodwill Campaign visits Jerash, Ajloin<br/><br/><font size=1>06 August, 2012</font>Princess Basma in Irbid with Goodwill Campaign<br/><br/><font size=1>30 June, 2012</font>Events