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The Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development

In 1994, HRH Princess Basma established The Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID) as a provider of development oriented training, capacity building and research in Jordan, and the Arab region.

Although part of the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development, over the years, ZENID has gained its own recognition for its unique work in the design and delivery of training programmes for social and economic development. ZENID also has consolidated its role as a regional institute with training and consultancy work in Yemen, Syria, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Through its "Learning for Development" Programmes, ZENID offers valuable practical and conceptual learning opportunities for youth, development practitioners, trainers, field workers, and communities.

Training at ZENID encompasses major areas such as Community Development, Early Childhood Education, Management and Leadership Skills, Training of Trainers, Women’s Empowerment and Special Education. As a specialized training centre, ZENID designs and carries out training programmes in the above mentioned areas of social and economic development for community and social workers, development supervisors, health educators, members of women committees, pre-school teachers and educational supervisors.

The institute also offers technical support and assistance to a variety of organizations and individuals, ranging from voluntary groups, NGOs, and governmental agencies to women′s organizations, students and youth groups. Through training, awareness-raising, up-to-date information and consultations, ZENID gives people working in the social and development sector the necessary tools, techniques and knowledge required to advance the development process.

ZENID has established its credibility at both national and international levels in projects implementation. It has developed the necessary human resource expertise and experience to implement development projects to the benefit of many sectors, groups, and marginalized people in less privileged areas and poverty pockets in the Kingdom. It has been recognized for its capacity in implementing projects to the satisfaction of donors, national strategic plans, and needy people.

ZENID also frequently conducts development related research and needs assessment studies using internationally recognized methodologies. Such research is deemed conducive to improving visions and practices for development.